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George Milliken, Ph.D.


President, is emeritus professor of statistics at Kansas State University. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and has published many papers in various statistical journals. Dr. Milliken is a co-author of the three volume Analysis of Messy Data series and the co-author of the book SAS System for Mixed Models. Dr. Milliken's books are widely referenced in the statistical research community.

Dr. Milliken has been a consulting statistician for more than 50 years. He worked for Kansas State University for 38 years where half of his time was spent as a consulting statistician for Agriculture Research and Extension. He has consulted with numerous companies and Governmental agencies. His consulting activities has involved many disciplines including, Biological Sciences, Plant and Animal Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Dairy Science, Engineering, Grain Science, Nutrition (human and animal), Plant Genetics, etc. He has designed target animal safety studies, bioassays, dose determination studies, agronomic field trials, non-inferiority studies, etc. He has placed a significant emphasis of his professional research on the following areas:

  • Nonlinear mixed models
  • Linear and nonlinear models
  • Design of experiments, appropriate experimental units
  • Mixed models, repeated measures, non-replicated experiments
  • Complex designs from designed experiments and observational studies
  • Survival Analysis


1. Analysis of Messy Data, Volume 1: Designed Experiments, 2nd Edition. Chapman & Hall/CRCPress, New York. With Dallas E. Johnson, 2009

2. Analysis of Messy Data, Vol. 2: Nonreplicated Experiments. Chapman & Hall/CRC, New York. With Dallas E. Johnson, 1989.

3. Analysis of Messy Data, Vol. 3: Analysis of Covariance. Chapman & Hall/CRC, New York. With Dallas E. Johnson, 2002..

4. SAS for Mixed Models, 2nd Edition. SAS Institute Inc. Cary NC. R. Littell, G.A. Milliken, W. Stroup, R. Wolfinger, O. Schabenberger 2006.

5. SAS for Mixed Models : Introduction and Basic Applications SAS Institute Inc. Cary NC. Walt Stoup, George Milliken, Elizabeth Claassen, Russell Wolfinger 2018

6. Mathematical Models in Microbial Ecology. Chapman-Hall. Edited by Kock, Robinson, Milliken 1997

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